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About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Frosty!

Who am I? You may be wondering. Well gather round, grab a seat and get comfortable as I have a LOT to share…

It all started a long time ago. You see, every single life experience has made me into the person who I am today. I grew up in a loving family, a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints faith where I learned that things like swearing, cursing, and inappropriate jokes just, weren’t necessary. The Boy Scouts program integrated with church activities taught me many more great values which have stuck with me to this day.

It’s honestly quite amazing that I didn’t pick up any bad habits, considering that I also grew up on the internet. I’m one of the youngest programmers that I know and I learned everything about programming that I know today due to playing around on the internet. The website that you’re on now was made by me, for example.

But that’s enough of that, I don’t want to bore you with all of my programming exploits, life experiences, long-range radio know-how, flight-sim escapades, etc. I just felt that brief summary of info was useful to know before I dive in to where we are today.

Life as a VTuber

My Content Creator journey started in 2017, where I played Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on my Twitch channel with the goal of completing the game. I had owned the game since it’s release, but I had never actually beaten it. I had always made it to Adult Link, then got lost on how to make progress in the game. All of this was done without a webcam and I did finally beat Ocarina of Time.

In June/July of the following year, I found out that you didn’t need VR to play VRChat. You could play VRChat with a keyboard and mouse. Huge thank you goes to my friend Z00fie for not only introducing me to VRChat by livestreaming on Twitch, but also by teaching me how to kitbash models together and upload them to VRChat. Traces of the first model I kitbashed together can still be found in my finalized and modern OC designs!

At that point in time, I streamed mostly for the sake of streaming! Doing so was something I had a lot of fun with.

Later that same year, I ran into Fizzi. I didn’t know it back then, nor do I remember why I recorded the encounter, but later on we would become best of friends. I even recall Neko Bueno calling us inseparable during a recording session for VRC Rewind! Haha! I got to watch Fizzi grow. I got to be with him during his good moments, and his bad moments. I got to watch him rise, fall, then rise again.

All of this leads us to where we are today. Hi, I’m Frostyfrog and I’m a VTuber. The model I use is a catgirl and it symbolizes innocence, purity, and my love for cats. I do my best to create a friendly and uplifting environment for all those around me. I stream as a hobby because content creation doesn’t bring in near enough money to replace my job (I wish it did because it’s so much fun!)

Before You Go

Before you go, you should totally checkout the VTuber Webring! And if you know of any VTubers with their own websites, you should totally have them apply~