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July 7th, 2023

$1,000 Raised for Charity!

WE DID IT! We reached the first milestone! And just in time for the first class, too~

What does this mean?

This means that on Fridays, The VRChat streams will be for Japanese Class! There’s a specific class that I’ve been attending and I believe it should be okay to stream. If it’s not okay to stream HayaTikaze-sensei’s class, then I’ll put on my own to teach some basic phrases that are helpful to know (and are fun to show off to friends and family!)

There’s also the added benefit and answer to Leonheart’s request. Stream will be starting at least an hour earlier for these class sessions.

What comes next?

Well, now that we’ve reached $1,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society thanks to your efforts, the next goal is the Frosty Fish model. Over the years, ya’ll have told me to hydrate so much during streams. So much so, that you’ve called me a fish with how much I’ve been told to hydrate (before the whole hydrate or diedrate, but I don’t drink soda so it was really only hydrate). Now, we might be seeing that become a reality if we can hit this next goal. Do ya’ll wanna see Frosty Fish?

A word of thanks

It’s incredible to see so much support over the last few weeks. While I believe that the Zelda streams may be killing the turnout, you have really shown what charity is all about and that the fight against cancer is a fight worth fighting! Thinking back on the poor turnout, maybe I should reconsider my schedule for next week 🤔 Zelda’s about all I that have scheduled at the moment. Maybe a different game is in order?

But yeah, thank you guys so so so so much for helping us to raise $1,000 for LLS! I’m pawsitive that the money will be put to good use for cancer research and helping doctors and patients understand what their cancer is. And a special shoutout to ShadowGamerTim for pushing us over the first milestone marker! 🫂

For those still interested in donating towards helping to fight cancer, we’re still looking for donations until the 22nd!