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February 20th, 2024

Announcing: VTuber Spotlight

So, hear me out. I’ve got a plan… VTuber Spotlights!

After talking to people for a while on Blue Sky and seeing how supportive everyone was being to lift each other up, it gave me the idea to do a VTuber Spotlight on a fairly regular basis. There are, in my personal opinion, a few requirements to having a good spotlighting program.

Spotlight Requirements

  • The spotlights have to be hosted regularly, but not daily:
    • Regular spotlights keep people looking to see who the next VTuber might be.
    • Doing them too often (such as daily) will cause people to “tune out” and ignore future featured VTubers.
      • Featuring VTubers too infrequently will make it easier for people to forget about the VTuber Spotlight.
  • There must be a spread of large and small VTubers:
    • Showcasing only large VTubers means that smaller VTubers can’t benefit and grow, as the spotlight will only help the big get bigger..
    • Showcasing only smaller VTubers means that the audience for the VTuber Spotlight will remain small, providing less of a benefit to smaller VTubers.
  • Fans should be able to follow the list through multiple mediums:
    • Fans should be able to get new Featured VTubers delivered straight to their inbox.
    • Fans should be able to view an archive of the featured VTubers.
    • Fans should be able to listen to to the spotlight if they don’t want to read the email or archive.
  • Each spotlight must be as accurate as possible
    • Saying things that are untrue about a VTuber will upset current fans
    • Saying things that are untrue will upset the VTuber

With these things in mind, I set out to ask on Bluesky if prople would be interested in a regular VTuber Spotlight.

The response that I got back was pretty positive, so let’s make it a reality.

Starting soon, I will be getting together with some VTubers and asking them about who they are, then compiling my notes into my first email for the VTuber Spotlight Newsletter. If you’re interested in hearing more about different VTubers, be sure to subscribe to the mailing list, which is where I’ll be sending the very first VTuber Spotlight out to the world.

I hope you’re ready for Season 1 😉