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June 19th, 2024

VTuber Spotlight: Furtrap


Welcome to the second edition of VTuber Spotlight! 🎉 We’re excited to bring you more exclusive interviews with your favorite VTubers and content creators. This is an archived copy from the newsletter, however. Each week we dive deep into new stories, experiences, and creative processes from different VTubers, offering you a unique glimpse into their worlds.

In this edition, we have an inspiring interview with Fizzi. As a kitty of many trades, they have what it takes to put on not just one, or two, or three, but an ever growing cast of characters! Each character has their own voice and purr-sonality, so we’re excited to share their insight with you.

Frostyfrog > Here we are with another episode of the VTuber spotlight. With me right here I have my guest, why don’t you introduce yourself?

Fizzi > Hi, my name is Fizzi, also known as Furtrap. I voice a bunch of different characters and uh I’ve been pretty much in the running for uh, from streaming VRChat for what, six years to this day of recording? As of 2024.

Frostyfrog > Yeah, it started in 2018?

Fizzi > We met each other way since like, in that public world. The uh, oh geez. It was the Open Mic night, wasn’t it?

Frostyfrog > It was the Open Mic night

Fizzi > Yup, yup. We go way back.

Frostyfrog > So, you mentioned VRChat. What in general do you like to stream, what activities do you like to do? You know, what sets you apart from everyone?

Fizzi > I do a little bit of everything. I guess the thing that doesn’t set me so apart is that I do a little bit of everything, but the thing that does set me apart is that I do a bit of everything and I’ll explain why. All the stuff that I do for streaming, I always have a character for each activity. So it’s kind of like a bunch of VTubers living up inside of one head and it’s like a whole puppeteer thing of all of us just existing together in this looney toons world or something, I don’t know.

Frostyfrog > So what do you mean by all of these VTuber personalities?

Fizzi > Well, if you’d like, maybe compare it to another puppeteer like Jeff Dunham or something. It’s kind of like where these different characters are a color exuding emotion from within me, and each of these are different expressions from within my personality as a collective to be it’s own kind of thing that shines in it’s own radiant beacon of light out here. Something that other people could relate to or connect to on a very spiritually and emotional level to uh.,.. I don’t know I just have a lot of goofy relatable characters that are all little parts of me.

Frostyfrog > So, by talking about, you mentioned Jeff Dunham, so I presume that each one of them has their own voice?

Fizzi > Oh yeah, every single one them has their own voice. They were one of my inspirations that got me to split off to do more than just “a voice” when I was originally just voicing as Fizzi here. Inevitably that just became what I was known as by name so I’m cool with it. In character or out of character.

Frostyfrog > Because that’s what everyone saw you as at first?

Fizzi > Yeah. And honestly I still see it as a very loving name. I accept it.

Frostyfrog > Yee, It’s a great name and I love the theme because you have like, my name’s Frosty, you have Frosti the dog, our names are not spelled the same. Frosti the dog and Fizzi are both spelled the same way.

Fizzi > With an i.

Fizzi > But huge coincidence because right around the time when I was beginning to stream, about the same year I got my dog, I also met this wonderful individual in VRChat (points to Frosty), just completely at random and we became best friends ever since. I was like “Oh hey! You’re named Frosty, so’s my dog!” And then one day we actually all got the two to meet each other over at Comicon in Arizona, right? Or Fan Fest? Phoenix Fan Fusion or whatever they named it to that year. Yeah, that was cute, it was cute. I think I still have a picture of like, of you holding her from way forever ago.

Frostyfrog > Ahhh. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed in the name. I was expecting some kind of Fusioned up drink or something.

Fizzi > Okay… It was still a lot of fun we got to do a lot of stuff then.

Frostyfrog > Back on topic a little bit, since you’ve been a VTuber for 6 years, that is a lot time in the span of the Internet. What are some of your favorite moments?

Fizzi > I think I find a favorite moment every single day. But if you’re trying to find an all-time favorite moment. Unless it’s just looking back on some accomplishments ‘cause I know when all my time when I was doing my VTubing thing I always found other things to do on the side. Just to kind of like, you know, make this world a little bit more interesting and kind of help other people with the influence that I have, so. You know, I came up with the idea VRCon, I brought the Whiskateers together, and I even did a bunch of Charity drives and stuff including like my first one called the “Don’t Decide Suicide Drive” which happened in, wasn’t it back in 2020 I think? It was pretty early on in my career. But, I usually like to just find ways to help people using the steadily growing influence that I so graciously get blessed with every day when people wanna, just, you know, swing by and say “Hello”, I don’t know.

Frostyfrog > Well you kind of already answered my next question already which was “What are some major accomplishments with your community?” So you mentioned that you kind of have a favorite moment every single day or you’re making favorite moments every single day, do you have any examples of those daily favorite moments?

Fizzi > Oh, uh. One of my favorite ones off the top of my head ‘cause recently my buddies and I, so we had Lucas, BTap, and I. I think there was also, probably. No, it was the three of us, and Sylvyy. And we were playing Fortnite this one session and it was a little bit off-cam and my favorite moments from the day don’t have to be on stream by the way, but we were playing and we were pretty much like trying to escape another team and pickup everyone’s cards so that we could revive each other at another reboot bus and I was sitting here with a popped back tire on the bike that I was driving away on and it was skidding so much that you saw me sliding sideways the entire time I was escaping and I was all “Well, it’s better than running!” and it looks so goofy, I was like…

Frostyfrog > And now you know what it’s like to drive on icy roads!

Fizzi > Oh, it felt like it, yeah. Like Vaseline on an icy road it was awful to control, but it was hilarious to watch. Um, I think for an on-stream moment; Some of my favorite times were the little banters that I’d have ‘cause I remember back in February we were having this little funny light hearted podcast where we call it purely out of pocket, “The Poddcast”, you could tell what the acronym might be spelling. Just have like random stuff, one topic, and then we just say what’s on our minds, completely unscripted and with this one in particular it was the topic of “what was your favorite crush?” and we put our favorite TV show crushes, like cartoons, or like movie stars and we just put them all in a chat and we were like, “Yeah, no, yea nay”. It was really silly.

Frostyfrog > Almost like a tier list!

Fizzi > It wasn’t quite a tier list, we weren’t ranking anybody. But it was just the little goofy. I don’t know. Um, what was a funny one? Like, when we were younger for instance like yo, “here’s Gwen from Ben 10” and then subsequently there’s also like the older Gwen from the later Ben 10 seasons where she’s older, she’s got the glasses and boils on her face and I’m like, “Um… Okay, maybe not that one!” and we’re just making a whole lot of, a whole lot of… I don’t know. Our friends just kind of goof off a lot and we make some of our most charmingly embarrassing moments available on the internet for you to enjoy because we know it makes you all happy.

Frostyfrog > Moments like those really are a lot of fun and one of the things that you mentioned earlier was that you all these VTubers and Characters and whatnot. What is it like to put on a character? Like how it’s separate from yourself as who you are IRL.

Fizzi > Okay, like, mentally psyching myself up into playing that character? Or like—

Frostyfrog > I guess kind of that, kind of what does it feel like to play the character instead of being yourself. Like, being your own personality.

Fizzi > Okay, so. I guess from the most obvious start cause I was trained on years of theater in high school. There are a few things that I actually do to sort of like instead of just me being me as I am normally, I would accentuate certain ways that I would move or like the ways that I would stand. For instance for some characters, you know my red character, VRonica, Roxanne, this is a good example because there’s two of them, right? So depending on which version of that character I switch to they would have a very different aura about them. For instance, VRonica takes very little space you know, she like tucks her elbows in, she’s just very timid, her little knees buckling in. Yeah, she’s shy and then when her sister comes out, you know the ghost possessing her body which is from her sister, comes out and she’s all confident. Her legs are at this wider stance and she’s more open and intimidating. Aside from shifting around the muscles in my throat to project those voices better and accents and dialects. It’s a whole thing. But for as long as I’ve been practicing with it, it just ended up becoming muscle memory and when I hear like, oh, your turn is up. You can go play this one and I’m like, “Okay, it’s VRonica time” or “Okay, it’s Roxanne time” or like um, I think most recently, my most interesting one is my character Fizzcat who sits down, never stands up. And interestingly enough, because now I have my legs as extra arms kind of, I think of it like that. I use those to wiggle around and be extra expressions. Or I can reach my leg up and boop somebody because it’s closer than the arm that’s back here now that I’m in a sitting position. So it’s a bunch of stuff that I can now play around with depending on how my setup is for that character. Because honestly, Fizzcat’s more like a seated character.

Frostyfrog > So it’s kind of flexible.

Fizzi > Yeah, like I’ll have a thing for each of them where it would play to the strength of what that character is supposed to portray for instance. So like, on my mat I’ll lay out like a little a cushion or something so I can sit as Fizzcat vs when I’m playing as Fizzi standing up instead or whatever right? It used to be back when I was more comfortable playing Fizzi using the Vive wands, for instance, and then just keeping my index controllers as like the “articulated fingers” for when I was playing VRonica when she was newer. It was kind of like a whole thing where I had a set of hardware for each of them. But I more or less play all of them with the same stuff it’s just that I mentally put myself in a different mindset entirely to completely dive and immerse myself in that character. Sometimes I’ll just eat what I perceive as their favorite food that they eat and it would also help me get into character too.

Frostyfrog > Moving on a little bit, there are a lot of aspiring VTubers out there, do you have any tips or words of advice that you would like to share with them?

Fizzi > Work together with people, number one rule. You definitely want to have a community, a neighborhood, a family, something that you can really remind yourself that you’re home and remind you of why you’re doing this in the first place. So that you don’t give up. And these people will help you stay deteremined. Go as far as they– And in a lot of cases they will help you go as far as you want, as far as the lengths that you want to go for your career. Some people may come, some people may go, but you know for certain that you have a community and that’s what you want to build when you’re a VTuber. You want to stand for something.

Frostyfrog > I can agree with that there.

Fizzi > Something that you’re whole community can get behind. Right? That’s why he’s a part of my community too~ Yay!

Frostyfrog > And speaking of community, where can people find you?

Fizzi > Oh, um. The link was originally, but since it was called Zingdom for a very long time it’s That’s where my community hangs out and sometimes we’ll go watch stuff together or sometimes we’ll just visit, talk to each other with fans posting memes or maybe your best clips or make a meme off of your favorite moments on stream. Stream updates and all that other kind of cool stuff. There’s a lot to explore there. Lore, lore about the characters if you really want to stick yourself into that universe in my head about that. Totally fine. That’s probably the best hub for getting to know me on the surface there.

Frostyfrog > And I know that for some people joining a discord server may be a bit of a commitment, per-se. Because you do have a limited number of servers that you can join. So is there any place where people can find content that you create to figure out if they want to join your community?

Fizzi > Oh yeah! I’ve got a whole catalog of videos on YouTube. You just search up Furtrap or or something. It’s one of the many methods you can search my name. But you’ll find me, I have like a little, It looks like me with this frilly dress thing. You’ll find a bajillion videos from like, you know, 2020 onwards. So if you want to enjoy some of the stuff that I do or get some examples of how I did it every so often, that’s a good start. And if you’re considering, you can always watch me on stream. I’m not afraid of saying hi or something. What’s up?

Frostyfrog > As we sign off for the day, is there anything else you’d like to say to our fans?

Fizzi > Um… Wear sunscreen.

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